Fast Switching Thyristor For Induction Heating Furnace

Fast switching thyristor is the core component of induction furnace power supply & thyristor frequency converter.Thyristor frequency converter consists of rectifier bridge and inverter bridge.Fast thyristor usually used as inverter circuit,phase control thyristor used as rectifier circuit.Two or four fast SCR in series in the inverter circuit.


Thyristor Frequency Converter Schematic:

thyristor frequency converter Schematic

thyristor frequency converter Schematic

We have a wide current range fast switching thyristor which used on inverter bridge,for example KK800A/1000V-1800V,KK1000A/1000V-2000V,KK1200A/1000V-2000V,KK1500A/1000V-2200V,KK2500A/1800V-2800V,KK2700A/2000V-2800V,KK3000A/2000V-4500V,KK3500A/3000V-4500V,KK4000A/3000V-4500V ETC.These part numbers replace westcode R series SCR with good quality,and has successfully used on Inductotherm brand furnace,Ajax brand furnace,Germany ABP brand furnace…


Thyristor Frequency Converter Cabinet:

furnace power supply cabinet

furnace power supply cabinet


















What Is Rectifier Diode

What Is Rectifier Diode?


Rectifier diode is non-controlled semiconductor device which used as rectifier circuit.It has high voltage up to 8500V,High current up to 7000A.


Rectifier Diode Category:

  • Standard Rectifier Diode
  • Fast Recovery Diode
  • Soft Recovery Diode
  • Rectifier Diode module

Where are Rectifier Diodes Used?


Rectifier diodes are used on induction heating furnace,motor drives,inverter,high current power supply,power plant…














What Is Phase Control Thyristor

What Is Phase Control Thyristor


Phase control thyristor is a low loss switch semiconductor device.It has a wide voltage range,from 1000V-8000V,Current range 100A-5000A.As a high power electronic components,it play a very importment role on industry.


Where Is Phase Control Thyristor Used?


High voltage phase control thyristors are widely used on traction and transmission,SVC,Inductive heating,Soft Starter,High current power supply,Excitation,HVDC.It is also used as thyristor stack in series or in parallel.


Phase Control Thyristor Outline Size:

phase-control-thyristor-outline-drawing phase-control-thyristor-outline-size-2power thyristor outline drawing-1


















What Is Fast Switching Thyristor

What Is Fast Switching Thyristor?


Fast Switching Thyristor is a fast turn off semiconductor device,also called “Inverter Thyristor”,”Fast Thyristor”.Fast switching thyristor is a very importment thyristor component on furnace power supply.


Where Is Fast Switching Thyristor Used?


Disc type Fast Switching Thyristors are popular used on metal smelting areas,Induction heating furnace,smelting furnace,ARC furnace,Vacuum furnace,thyristor frequency converter.


Fast Switching Thyristor Part Number List:


Part NumberIT(AV) Tc=55VDRM VRRMITSMI²tVTOrT tq value(us) RthjcRthchF(KN)Outline
Upto 1600V
KK200A 12-16200A1200V-1600V4KA801.60V1.5016-25us0.0850.026T6
KK300A 12-16300A1200V-1600V4.3KA921.501.4016-25us0.0450.019T7
KK400A 12-16400A1200V-1600V8.5KA3611.401.2016-25us0.0400.0116T9
Up to 1800V
Up to 2200V
Up to 3000V
Up to 4500V



What Is Welding Diode

What Is Welding Diode?


Welding diode is a high current low voltage semiconductor device.Its current range are from 7100A to 13500A.Voltage is 200V or 400V.Welding diodes also are known as “Welder Diodes”,”Welder Rectifier Diodes”.Welding diodes are the core rectifier components during resistance welder.


Welding Diodes Part Number List:




Where Are Welding Diodes Used?


Welding diodes are typically used on resistance welding equipment.Detailed applications are MFDC transformer of spot welding machine,IT gun transformer,Robotic welding gun.It is used as rectifier unit of welding transformer.


Welding Diodes Schematic On MFDC Transformer.

welding diode schematic

welding diode schematic
















What is Thyristor

What Is Thyristor?


Thyristor,also called silicon controlled rectifier,also known as SCR.It is a half-controlled semiconductor device.Thyristor is a four-layer semiconductor structure of PNPN. It has three poles: anode, cathode and control.It has silicon rectifier feature and can work wll under high voltage,high current conditions.


Thyristor Category:


According to shape distinctive,Thyristor have disc thyristor,stud thyristor and thyristor modules.

disc thyristor

Disc thyristor


Stud thyristor

Stud thyristor









According to function distinctive,Thyristor have Phase control thyristor,Fast switching thyristor,High frequency thyristor.Also some people called rectifier thyristor and inverter thyristor.


Where Are Thyristors used?


Thyristor has a wide application.For example,thyristors are used on metal smelting,induction furnace,Vacuum furnace etc. Used on motor drives,soft starter,inverter,power plant…












6.5KV Phase Control Thyristor For Soft Starter

6500V Phase Control Thyristor


The 6.5 kV thyristor disc series consists of four robust and powerful disc device types developed and designed for the special requirements of medium-voltage soft starter applications. All devices are designed for high surge current capability. Excellent voltage sharing optimizes series connection capabilities for soft starter applications in particular. High-tech production processes deliver outstanding dynamic parameters for best-cost designs with less series-connected devices. The devices are also suitable for general-purpose line voltage rectifier applications, e.g. power supplies and standard drives.


6.5KV Thyristor typical applications for medium-voltage drives

› Mining excavators

› Gas and Oil pumps

› Compressors for cooling stations

› Medium-voltage soft starters

› Medium-voltage power supplies

› Standard drives


6500V thyristor product list:

Part    No.      IT(AV) Tc=70℃  VDSM    VTO F (KN) Size
KP300A- 65 350A 6500V 1.20 16 T9
KP700A- 65 750A 6500V 1.20 25 T11
KP1000A-65 1100A 6500V 1.18 32 T13
KP1200A-65 1200A 6500V 1.15 55 T15
KP1800A-65 1800A 6500V 1.25 70 T16
KP2500A-65 2500A 6500V 1.20 90 T17

6500V Thyristor disc type outline: