What is Thyristor

What Is Thyristor?


Thyristor,also called silicon controlled rectifier,also known as SCR.It is a half-controlled semiconductor device.Thyristor is a four-layer semiconductor structure of PNPN. It has three poles: anode, cathode and control.It has silicon rectifier feature and can work wll under high voltage,high current conditions.


Thyristor Category:


According to shape distinctive,Thyristor have disc thyristor,stud thyristor and thyristor modules.

disc thyristor

Disc thyristor


Stud thyristor

Stud thyristor









According to function distinctive,Thyristor have Phase control thyristor,Fast switching thyristor,High frequency thyristor.Also some people called rectifier thyristor and inverter thyristor.


Where Are Thyristors used?


Thyristor has a wide application.For example,thyristors are used on metal smelting,induction furnace,Vacuum furnace etc. Used on motor drives,soft starter,inverter,power plant…