The device is a power output unit of DC switch, which can replace 5STH and 5SPY series pulse power
supply. It is composed of light control, electric control, integrated pulse output transformer, resistance
capacitance static and dynamic pressure, metal oxide varistor (MOV, optional), diode restrain (optional),
one or more thyristors.

Main Parameters

    DC Working Voltage ≤25kV

    Output Pulse Current ≤100kA

    Rate of Current Rise ≤2000A/μs

    Pulse Current Width:50μs-10ms

    Repeated Cycle ≥ 3 min

    Control Mode: light control, electric control, optional

    Maximum Outline Dimension: 500×500×345mm

    Weight: 55kg (including all the optional components)


This device has the advantages of superpower anti-interference capability, environmental protection, super
long electromechanical life.

Experiment has proved that the electric parameters are always the same when we have successfully
operated the machine 20,000 times under 18kV, 15kA working condition.

The device can be widely used in fields of high voltage and pulse high current, like Xenon light, electromagnetic
emission and magnetizing machine. It is an optimal scheme of replacing contact-switch and mercury ignitron.