Standard Rectifier Diode-Power Diode


Standard Rectifier Diode-Power Diode


Rectifier diode,also named rectifying diode,include standard rectifier diode,power diode,fast recovery diode,high current diode.We manufacture and export a wide range of rectifier diode,current range from 500A-6500A,voltage range from 1000V-8500V.We have advantage on high voltage rectifier,high power rectifier diode.With high quality,our diode not only be used on Chinese manufacturer,also exported standard diode to all over the world.


Product Features:


1,Low forward voltage drop

2,International standard housing

3,Max. voltage up to 8500V


Diode Applications:


1,Rectifier device

2,Traction and substation

3,Industrial drives

4,Power grid

6,Resistance welding machine


Standard Rectifier Diode Part Number Table:

zp-rectifier-diode-product-list zp-rectifier-diode-product-list-1



Rectifier Diode Outline Drawing:











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