6.5KV Phase Control Thyristor For Soft Starter

6500V Phase Control Thyristor


The 6.5 kV thyristor disc series consists of four robust and powerful disc device types developed and designed for the special requirements of medium-voltage soft starter applications. All devices are designed for high surge current capability. Excellent voltage sharing optimizes series connection capabilities for soft starter applications in particular. High-tech production processes deliver outstanding dynamic parameters for best-cost designs with less series-connected devices. The devices are also suitable for general-purpose line voltage rectifier applications, e.g. power supplies and standard drives.


6.5KV Thyristor typical applications for medium-voltage drives

› Mining excavators

› Gas and Oil pumps

› Compressors for cooling stations

› Medium-voltage soft starters

› Medium-voltage power supplies

› Standard drives


6500V thyristor product list:

Part    No.      IT(AV) Tc=70℃  VDSM    VTO F (KN) Size
KP300A- 65 350A 6500V 1.20 16 T9
KP700A- 65 750A 6500V 1.20 25 T11
KP1000A-65 1100A 6500V 1.18 32 T13
KP1200A-65 1200A 6500V 1.15 55 T15
KP1800A-65 1800A 6500V 1.25 70 T16
KP2500A-65 2500A 6500V 1.20 90 T17

6500V Thyristor disc type outline: