Single Phase Bridge Rectifier


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1. chip and backplane electrical insulation, 2500V AC voltage
2. International standard package, welded structure, excellent temperature characteristics and power cycling capability

3. The maximum operating junction temperature of 150 ℃, a small forward voltage drop


Typical application
1. DC power input rectifier power supply instruments and equipment, PWM inverter
2. DC input rectifier excitation power supply, switching power supply
3. The soft-start capacitor charging, electrical and auxiliary current drag
4. welding inverter, current charging DC power supply
Three phase bridge rectifier Configuration:
Three phase bridge rectifier drawing:
thyristor-module-outline-1 thyristor-module-outline-2 thyristor-module-outline-3thyristor-module-outline-4 thyristor-module-outline-5 thyristor-module-outline-6thyristor-module-outline-7