Phase Control Thyristor


Phase Control Thyristor


We design and manufacture various shapes of phase control thyristor.Our phase controlled thyristor include disc thyristor and stud thyristor.Disc phase control thyristor current range from 500A to 6000A,voltage range from 1000V to 7500V.Stud thyristor maximum current 500A,Maximum voltage 2500V.


Our phase control thyristor have a very good low switching loss characteristic,it popular be used on turn on and off equipment.For example,our medium voltage phase control thyristor(6500V thyristor) are popular used on medium voltage soft starter, AC motor drives and high power converter etc.The low voltage thyristor(1600V-2800V) are popular used on low power soft starter,AC drives.


With stable performance,our phase control thyristor also hot used on induction heating furnace.It is always used on rectifier circuit of furnace.Besides,our high power thyristor also used on traction and transmission,excitation,static var compensator(SVC),high current rectifier,high power supply etc.










Phase Control Thyristor Features:


1,Distributed gate design

2,High di/dt capability

3,Low switching loss

4,Max. voltage up to 7500V



Phase Control Thyristor Applications:


1,Low voltage soft starter,medium voltage soft starter

2,Industrial drives,Inverter,Converters

3,Traction and transmission

3,High current power supply





Phase Control Thyristor Model List:

Disc Thyristor

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Phase Control Thyristor Outline Drawing:


phase-control-thyristor-outline-drawing phase-control-thyristor-outline-size-2 power thyristor outline drawing-1









































Download Phase Control Thyristor Datasheet:

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