4000V,4200V Soft Starter Thyristor Components


4200V soft starter thyristor components,each phase consists of 4200V phase control thyristor,one set use three phase thyristor components,mainly used for medium voltage soft starter.


Product Features:4000v4200v-soft-starter-scr-components-small

1,This set of thyristor components using three-layer aluminum heat dissipation structure, each phase of the two devices up and down the structure of the anti-In parallel, a full three-phase assembly 6 devices are arranged in a structure, the structure Compact, lightweight, low cost, easy to install;

2This set of SCR components can be cooled, it can be forced air cooling.


Thyristor Components Typical Application


1This SCR component is mainly applied 1140V and below the voltage 

level of the mine with a soft start; in three-phase system in accordance 

with the actual use to select the device on-state current average current, voltage is selected according to the use optional off-state voltage of the device; this set of optional components on-state current of 800A ~ 1600A, off-state power pressure 4200V devices;

2This set of SCR components may also be used higher current devices, but it should be appropriate to increase the structure has been calculated size pieces.


4000V 4200V Soft Starter Components Diagram: