6500V SOFT STARTER Thyristor Assembly

6500V SOFT STARTER Thyristor Assembly


6500V thyristor assembly consists of two anti-parallel SCRs are pressed with a relatively high force onto heat-sinks which also serve as electrical contacts to the thyristor terminals.




1,High voltage 6500V thyristor components

2,Natural cooling or Air cooling with heatsink

3,Press-pack SCR devices


Typical Application:


1,Medium voltage soft starter

2,Medium voltage inverter/converter

3,Medium voltage drives


6500V Medium Voltage Soft Starter SCR Thyristor Assembly Drawing:

6500v soft starter thyristor assembly drawing










6500V Soft Starter Thyristor Component Model Table:


Model ThyristorABCDKFBolt SpacingBolt lengthOutline



























Thyristor Stack For Mine Explosion-Proof Soft Starter

Thyristor Stack For Mine Explosion-Proof Soft Starter


The thyristor stack have three phase bridge arm.Each phase arm consists of two phase control thyristors.Below is 4200V thyristor stack introduction.Suitable for QJR Series Mine Explosion soft start cabinet.








4200V ThyristorStack Model Table:

ModelIT(AV) Tc=70VDRM VRRMItsmI²tVtoF
KP500A 4200V500A3500V-4500V7KA2451.2V16KN
KP800A 4200V800A3500V-4500V14.5KA10511.2V25KN
KP1000A 4200V1000A3500V-4500V15KA11251.18V32KN
KP1250A 4200V1250A3500V-4500V20KA15251.18V32KN
KP1500A 4200V1500A3500V-4500V25KA31251.15V45KN
KP1800A 4200V1800A3500V-4500V25KA31251.15V50KN

4200V Thyristor Stack Drawing:








Mine Explosion-Proof Soft Starter Thyristor Assembly

Mine Explosion-Proof Soft Starter Thyristor Assembly


The thyristor assemblies are specially designed for mine explosion-proof soft starter.Each phase consists of two anti-parallel phase control thyristors.We accept design and produce according to your assembly drawing.



1, used in colliery, mining and other occasions, three-phase asynchronous motor soft starter

2, six thyristors make up three phase AC switches

3, compact, easy to install

4, can be used for natural cooling

5, specific installation size, can be re-designed according to user requirements


Thyristor Assembly Technical Parameters:


1, flow capacity of the assembly, off-state voltage, depending on the chosen thyristors.

For example: the following figure show that each phase have two KP1000A-4200V thyristors

to make up three phase soft start components:

1, the maximum on-current (RMS) IT (RMS) = 2222A

2, repetitive peak off-state voltage VDRM≥4200V

3, repetitive peak off-state current IDRM≤70mA

4, state peak voltage VTM≤2.6V (1TM = 2400A time)

5, the gate trigger current 1GT = 40-150mA (two thyristors 1GT the difference ≤20mA)

6, gate trigger voltage VGT = 1.0-2.6V

















4000V,4200V Soft Starter Thyristor Components


4200V soft starter thyristor components,each phase consists of 4200V phase control thyristor,one set use three phase thyristor components,mainly used for medium voltage soft starter.


Product Features:4000v4200v-soft-starter-scr-components-small

1,This set of thyristor components using three-layer aluminum heat dissipation structure, each phase of the two devices up and down the structure of the anti-In parallel, a full three-phase assembly 6 devices are arranged in a structure, the structure Compact, lightweight, low cost, easy to install;

2This set of SCR components can be cooled, it can be forced air cooling.


Thyristor Components Typical Application


1This SCR component is mainly applied 1140V and below the voltage 

level of the mine with a soft start; in three-phase system in accordance 

with the actual use to select the device on-state current average current, voltage is selected according to the use optional off-state voltage of the device; this set of optional components on-state current of 800A ~ 1600A, off-state power pressure 4200V devices;

2This set of SCR components may also be used higher current devices, but it should be appropriate to increase the structure has been calculated size pieces.

4000V 4200V Soft Starter Components Diagram:












Pulse Power Supply Thyristor Stack

thyristor pulse power supply

Pulse Power Supply Thyristor Stack


We design pulse power supply thyristor stack according to clients’ requirements.


Key Features

  • High di/dt capability
  • High surge current capability
  • Forward and reverse blocking capability
  • High reliability
  • High power density


Pulse Power Supply Thyristor Stack Applications


  • Pulsed power application


Pulse Power Supply Thyristor Stack Model Table:


ModelIpkVDRMVRRMdi/dtdv/dtTrigger InterfaceFrequencyOutline
10KV Pulse Power
MFP3C120K20120KA19.5KV19.5KV3KA/us2000Optical fiberSingle Pulse250*282*352
25KV Pulse Power
MFP7C120K45120KA45.5KV45.5KV3KA/us2000Optical fiberSingle Pulse470*383*344
MFP7E300K45300KA45.5KV45.5KV3KA/us2000Optical fiberSingle Pulse540*440*415


Pulse Power Supply Thyristor Parts Number:


TypeIpkVDRM VRRMdi/dtdv/dtTvjmFFrequencyOutline
Voltage up to 4200V
MKP9 030-04230KA4200V3000A/us2000V/us11022KNSingle pulseKP9
MKPc 180-042180KA4200V3000A/us2000V/us11090KNSingle pulseKPc
MKPd 260-042260KA4200V3000A/us2000V/us110120KNSingle pulseKPd
Voltage up to 5200V
MKPc 150-052150KA5200V3000A/us2000V/us11090KNSingle pulseKPc
MKPd 230-052230KA5200V3000A/us2000V/us110120KNSingle pulseKPd
MKPe 330-052330KA5200V3000A/us2000V/us110180KNSingle pulseKPe
Voltage up to 6500V
MKPx 050-06550KA6500V3000A/us2000V/us11056KNSingle pulseKLx
MKPc 120-065120KA6500V3000A/us2000V/us11090KNSingle pulseKPc
MKPd 200-065200KA6500V3000A/us2000V/us110120KNSingle pulseKPd
MKPe 300-065300KA6500V3000A/us2000V/us110180KNSingle pulseKPe
Voltage up to 8500V
MKP9 015-08515KA8500V3000A/us2000V/us11022KNSingle pulseKP9


Pulse Power Supply Assembly Thyristor Outline:

thyristor for pulsed power supply assembly

Remarks:All dimensions shown in mm unless stated otherwise.













Pulse Power Supply


The device is a power output unit of DC switch, which can replace 5STH and 5SPY series pulse power
supply. It is composed of light control, electric control, integrated pulse output transformer, resistance
capacitance static and dynamic pressure, metal oxide varistor (MOV, optional), diode restrain (optional),
one or more thyristors.

Main Parameters

    DC Working Voltage ≤25kV

    Output Pulse Current ≤100kA

    Rate of Current Rise ≤2000A/μs

    Pulse Current Width:50μs-10ms

    Repeated Cycle ≥ 3 min

    Control Mode: light control, electric control, optional

    Maximum Outline Dimension: 500×500×345mm

    Weight: 55kg (including all the optional components)


This device has the advantages of superpower anti-interference capability, environmental protection, super
long electromechanical life.

Experiment has proved that the electric parameters are always the same when we have successfully
operated the machine 20,000 times under 18kV, 15kA working condition.

The device can be widely used in fields of high voltage and pulse high current, like Xenon light, electromagnetic
emission and magnetizing machine. It is an optimal scheme of replacing contact-switch and mercury ignitron.

MFDC Welding Diode Assembly

MFDC Welding Diode Assembly


Brief Introduction of Power Assembly


Rectifier unit for Medium frequency inverter resistance welding machine

This output rectifier unit is designed for medium frequency inverter resistance welding machine.

The design makes the unit low on-state voltage drop Vfm/Vtm and extremely low thermal

resistance. It can be the replacement of 5SDD series of welding diode


Ceramic shell package type




SCR Assembly

SCR Assembly













Soft Starter Assembly:




The assembly consists of six thyristors.Two anti-parallel thyristors as a single phase AC switch.Then combine the three AC switch to use for

soft start three phase asynchronous AC motors.Conside soft starter start time is short.After start the motor,current donot through soft starter assembly.So SCR not with additional radiator.just radiating use conductive copper.




Used in colliery, mining three phase asynchronous motor’s soft starter.We can customize SCR assembly according to your motor’s current,voltage.Detailed installed size,also accept customize.

Main technical parameters:

The SCR assembly’s current capacity and off-state voltage,depending on the SCR part number that you choose.

E.g: below is two KP800-40 SCRs make up one phase assembly.Parameters as below:






Air Cooled Water Cooled SCR Heat Sinks

water cooled heatsinks

Air Cooled Water Cooled SCR Heat Sinks


Air Cooled SCR Heatsinks:

air cooled scr heatsinks

air cooled scr heatsinks

air cooled scr heatsinks outline

air cooled scr heatsinks outline


Water Cooled SCR Heatsinks:

water cooled scr heatsinks

water cooled scr heatsinks

water cooled scr heatsinks model

water cooled scr heatsinks model

water cooled scr heat sinks model

water cooled scr heat sinks model

water cooled scr heatsinks drawing

water cooled scr heatsinks drawing



Download SCR Heatsinks Catalog:

SCR Heatsink Catalog