Standard Rectifier Diode-Power Diode

Standard Rectifier Diode-Power Diode


Rectifier diode,also named rectifying diode,include standard rectifier diode,power diode,fast recovery diode,high current diode.We manufacture and export a wide range of rectifier diode,current range from 500A-6500A,voltage range from 1000V-8500V.We have advantage on high voltage rectifier,high power rectifier diode.With high quality,our diode not only be used on Chinese manufacturer,also exported standard diode to all over the world.

rectifier diode power diode

Product Features:


1,Low forward voltage drop

2,International standard housing

3,Max. voltage up to 8500V


Diode Applications:


1,Rectifier device

2,Traction and substation

3,Industrial drives

4,Power grid

6,Resistance welding machine


Standard Rectifier Diode Part Number Table:


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