Success Case




1,For Hubei Surpass Sun Electric Co., Ltd., the site commissioning was carried out in Ma On Shan in March 2014, with the whole eleven high-voltage soft-start equipment adopting over three hundred of our KP400A/6500V SCR, and the site commissioning was very successful, even under the condition of three-phase imbalance of site equipment, no SCR was broken down after numerous times start, and the site commissioning staff was very satisfied with our products.
2,For Benxi Iron and Steel Group, the KP2800A/6500V thyristors configured for the imported equipment has been ABB products originally, but ABB SCR price is very high. So the company consulted our Company, and tried to use our thyristors which has been very in good use till now. Now all the SCR elements of the Group have been replaced our products.

3,For Xi’an XD Science and Technology Co., Ltd., the SVC products manufactured by the company are configured with KP1370A/6500V and KP760A/6500V elements of our company. Since 2012, a total of 15 sets of equipment have been configured in more than two years, with 140 thyristors for each equipment, and the total thyristors used are 2100, without faults till now.


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