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KK series fast thyristor as fast turn off thyristor,widely used on induction heating,induction furnace.specially on thyristor frequency converter,as furnace power supply.


KP series phase control thyristor,with low switching loss,usually used on rectifier circuit on thyristor frequency converter.


JINGLI Power Electronics Co.,Ltd has developed and produced a wide range current of fast switching thyristor from 500A to 5000A,Voltage from 1200V-4500V,the popular part number during our clients like KK800A,KK1000A,KK1200A,KK1500A,KK2500A,KK3500A,KK4000A.The thyristor Max. diameter can upto 150mm.


SCR Thyristor Technology:


SCR thyristor technology are widely application on power supply of induction heating furnace converter as medium frequency power supply.

It has following advantage:

1,A good level of efficiency, also in reduced power operations, guarantees low energy costs.

2,The converter can be switched on and off as often as needed without delays, accomodating short interruptions to production.

3,Converters require minimal maintenance and have no components that wear out and work without any mechanical moving parts.

4,The use of field-proven, conservatively rated electronic components results in a long useful life and high operational reliability.

5,Parallel inverters adapt to all load conditions by means of electronic control without moving parts.

6,Converters always present the supply system with a symmetrical, balanced load on all supply line phases. The power smoothly ramps up or down over a programmable period, providing a soft start, that eliminates inrushes and surges. Acceptable power quality is achieved by judicious selection of a 6, 12 or 24 pulse rectifier configuration.

JINGLI as a manufacturer that produce Chinese fast thyristor,phase control thyristor,rectifier diode,thyristor/diode modules,also supply russian type thyristor and special type thyristor.