Motor Drive


JINGLI’s Phase Control Thyristor with its low switching loss,are widely used on inductry equipment,specially on motor drive.The field of phase control thyristor applications ranges from kW DC driver and MW rated line commutated frequency converters to GW converters for HVDC transmission.


On medium voltage motor soft starter equipment,our popular thyristor part number like phase control thyristor KP500A-3000A/4200V,KP350A-2500A/6500V.On low voltage soft starter,the thyristor part number like disc type thyristor KP500A-2800A/1600V-2200V,thyristor modules MTX 100A-1200A/1200V-1800V,diode modules MDX 100A-1200A/1200V-1800V.


Our thyristor with heatsink as thyristor assemblies are widely application on mine explosion soft starter,variable frequency driver etc.

low voltage,medium voltage,high voltage soft starter,inverter.


Soft starter circuit diagram: