Thyristor Modules

Thyristor modules


We supply high power  thyristor modules,250A,300A,350A,400A,500A thyristor module,scr module,power module,fast thyristor module.bridge rectifier module,thyristor diode module.


Thyristor Module Features:

1,Thyristor chip and backplane electrical insulation

2,International standard package;

3,Thyristor module voltage can upto 5000V

4,Press-pack structure, excellent temperature characteristics and power cycling capability

5,Below 350A thyristor modules are all forced air cooling;  above 400A thyristor modules, air-cooled and water-cooled optional


Thyristor Module Typical application:

1. AC and DC motor control, various power rectifier

2. Industrial heating, dimming, non-contact switch

3. Motor soft start, static var compensator

4. Welding machine, inverter, UPS power supply, battery charge and discharge


Semiconductor Device code:


Thyristor Module Configuration:


Thyristor modules Product List:

mtx-thyristor-modulesNote: 1,MTX represent any one of “MTC”,”MTA”,”MTK”,”MT”

         2,”*” mean water-cooled thyristor modules

         3,If you need 2500V-5000V thyristor module,please contact us.


Thyristor Module Outline:

thyristor-module-outline-1 thyristor-module-outline-2 thyristor-module-outline-3thyristor-module-outline-4 thyristor-module-outline-5 thyristor-module-outline-6thyristor-module-outline-7




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Thyristor Modules