Thyristor Diode Modules


We supply a wide range of  thyristor diode module,diode module,scr module,power module,fast diode module,fast thyristor module.bridge rectifier,single phase bridge rectifier,3 phase bridge rectifier.Water cooled thyristor modules,water cooled diode module are always in stock.


Thyristor Diode Modules Advantage:

1. Chip and backplane electrical insulation

2. Thyristor diode module voltage can upto 5000V

3. International standard package;

4.Press-pack structure, excellent temperature characteristics and power cycling capability

5.Below 350A thyristor diode modules are all forced air cooling,  above 400A thyristor diode modules, air-cooled and water-cooled optional


Thyristor Diode Modules Typical application:

1.AC and DC motor control, various power rectifier

2. The industrial heating control, dimming, non-contact switch

3. motor soft start, static var compensator

4. welding machine, inverter, UPS power supply, battery charge and discharge

Device code:

Thyristor Diode Modules Configuration:

Thyristor Diode Modules Product list:

general-thyristor-diode-mixed-modulesNote: 1,MFX represent any one of “MFC”,”MFA”,”MFK”,”MFX”

         2,”*” mean water-cooled modules

         3,If need 2500V-5000V Thyristor Diode Modules,please contact us.


Thyristor Diode Modules Drawing:

thyristor-module-outline-1 thyristor-module-outline-2 thyristor-module-outline-3thyristor-module-outline-4 thyristor-module-outline-5 thyristor-module-outline-6thyristor-module-outline-7