Non-isolated Thyristor & Diode Modules


1. Non-insulated floor for the common electrode

2. International standard package

3. The full crimp structure, excellent temperature characteristics and power cycling capability

4. The maximum operating junction temperature of 140 ℃

5. High surge current, low forward voltage drop


Typical application:

1. The welding power supplies, DC power supply

2. Inverter


Product List:


MTG/MTY Non-isolated thyristor modules:


Note: 1,MTX represent any one of “MTG(AA)”,”MTY(AA)”,”MTG”,”MTY”.

MDG/MDY Non-isolated diode modules


Note: 1,MDX represent any one of “MDG”,”MDY”.

MFG/MFY Non-isolated thyristor diode mixed modules:


Note: 1,MFX represent any one of “MFG”,”MFY”.