Mine Explosion-Proof Soft Starter Thyristor Assembly

Mine Explosion-Proof Soft Starter Thyristor Assembly


The thyristor assemblies are specially designed for mine explosion-proof soft starter.Each phase consists of two anti-parallel phase control thyristors.We accept design and produce according to your assembly drawing.



1, used in colliery, mining and other occasions, three-phase asynchronous motor soft startermine-explosion-scr-assembly_small

2, six thyristors make up three phase AC switches

3, compact, easy to install

4, can be used for natural cooling

5, specific installation size, can be re-designed according to user requirements


Thyristor Assembly Technical Parameters:


1, flow capacity of the assembly, off-state voltage, depending on the chosen thyristors.

For example: the following figure show that each phase have two KP1000A-4200V thyristors

to make up three phase soft start components:

1, the maximum on-current (RMS) IT (RMS) = 2222A

2, repetitive peak off-state voltage VDRM≥4200V

3, repetitive peak off-state current IDRM≤70mA

4, state peak voltage VTM≤2.6V (1TM = 2400A time)

5, the gate trigger current 1GT = 40-150mA (two thyristors 1GT the difference ≤20mA)

6, gate trigger voltage VGT = 1.0-2.6V